About Me


Hi there, as the URL may give away, my name is Dylan Hornsby.

I  graduated with distinction from a double Bachelor of Arts & Commerce where I studied in the fields of Film, Communications & Marketing at Deakin University, Australia.

I am teaching Digital Media & Communication at Deakin University but you may also know me at the Creative Producer at Not Half Bad Productions. Check out some examples our my Videography work!

I enjoy filmmaking, traveling and all of the wonders of the digital age! I will use this blog to provide my thoughts and  insight across these topics.

Be sure to check out out my blog posts to find out more.

Feel free to get in contact with me via Twitter or by any other form of social media.

I really enjoy the unpredictability and creative problem solving aspects that come with filmmaking.
I believe that there is no better way to utilise both sides of the brain: a rare form of combining logic with creativity.

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