Ready, Steady, Intern

New suit: Check.

New shoes: Check.

New haircut: Check.

Arrive early for your first day : CHECK!

Blue Suit Cropped.png

– Do I look ready to take on the world?


There I am, a young man in a brand new sapphire blue suit ready for my first day as a marketing intern. I found myself strutting through the city on my way to 550 Bourke Street – I was feeling confident and prepared for a great start. The sounds of the city blocked out by earphones and the sun’s reflection off the tall buildings dimmed by my RayBans. 20mins is all it took for me to walk out of my apartment to the lobby of the Deloitte building. I wait nervously for my elevator and THAT is when I noticed it…

I had been granted good luck by a bird at some point in the last 20mins. There on my left shoulder was a green plop of bird poop… How long had it been there? Who else had noticed it? Is this going to stain my new suit? Will this actually grant me good luck?



– Aftermath of the Ariel Attack


Maybe I already had the luck – I mean I already got the the internship right?


For the next couple of months I will be working at DeakinPrime in Melbourne’s CBD as their new intern. Just like it is impossible to know if that girl is truly the one from your dreams after one date, it is impossible for myself to know if this is my dream job but after my first day I can tell that I will enjoy my time at DeakinPrime. The people, the culture and the environment are extremely professional – no t-shirt and shorts at this workplace. This is the sort of place I want to be a part of.



– Goodbye casual retail uniform


While been given a tour by my supervisor, I was welcomed warmly by everyone that I met and treated as a peer despite age, experience and status gaps – it is clear that it is a team of lovely people. I was invited to a meeting at the end of the day to discuss different segments that DeakinPrime’s products can benefit. It was exciting to see the concepts from the classroom and textbooks being applied to real life applications by very intelligent people. The experience made me feel like maybe this degree will not be a waste of time after all and maybe it will help me get the jobs that I want… maybe even one at DeakinPrime.



  1. Really, *really* great way to get some extra value out of your internship and apply it to the unit – great integration of well-spaced out visual content that is rich in meaning. Love the title of your site and this blog – engaging start that draws the reader in too; a great tone/style for this kind of blog. Really good to see you filling in that About page too!



  2. I agree with everything Adam has said! Such a productive reflection on your internship. Good integration of images – well done!



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